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HALFLIFE - Admin Mod
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Filesize: 96 kB

Mumble Client WIN
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Mumble Client Version 1.2.2 Windows
Filesize: 12.2 MB

Teamspeak 3 MAC
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Teamspeak 3 MAC Client 3.0.0-beta20
Filesize: 22.2 MB

Teamspeak 2 Client Win
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Teamspeak 2 Client Version Also included (updated binary) Windows
Filesize: 6.05 MB

CKR for CoD
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Installation Instructions ---------------------------------- 1. Unzip the downloaded file 2. Place the zCKRbeta.pk3 file in your \main directory 3. Restart your server How to Use the Mod ------------------------------- As soon as you restart your server with the pak file in the main directory, the weapon settings will be in effect. If you would like to remove player's crosshairs or HUDs, you can use CKR to to monitor player settings and reset them as needed. During testing, we found CoD with a clean interface to be the most realistic combat FPS ever released. CKR monitoring of the interface is turned on and off by a cvar (ckr_monitor), and what it does when monitoring is controlled by other cvars. To use this feature, please follow these steps: 1. Modify your server's config file to set the following cvars: ckr_crosshair = set to 1 to turn crosshairs off, 0 to allow crosshairs ckr_hud = set to 1 to turn HUDs off, 0 to allow HUDs ckr_monitor = set to 1 to enforce crosshair and HUD settings, 0 to stop enforcing settings 2. When the server is running, you can turn player monitoring on and off by setting ckr_monitor in your console. For example, typing "/rcon mypassword ckr_monitor 1" will turn monitoring on. CKR attempts to inform players that it is turning their settings off but, depending on what the player is doing, they may not see the message, Be prepared to answer your player's questions. If you are a player on a CKR server, you can check the version of CKR running on the server by typing "/ckr_ver" in your console. What Does CKR for CoD Change? --------------------------------------------------- CKR makes the following modifications: - All weapons kill with a headshot - Weapons shooting rifle rounds wil kill with a shot to the torso - Weapons shooting pistol rounds (including SMGs) will kill with two shots to the torso - It will take 3 to 4 shots to an extremity to kill a player - Bashing will kill in two "whacks" - Grenade throw distance has been shortened - Grenade damage radius has been slightly increased - Grenade damage has been slightly increased - Grenade will cook (4 sec) - Players have been slowed slightly (less like RtCW, more like MoHAA) - Health paks have been removed - Second primary weapon slot removed
Filesize: 328 kB



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